Local Groups/Chapters

Are you interested in getting involved in a Amnesty International Chapter near you, or finding out out how to start a student Amnesty International club or join a Virtual Action Team for Human Rights? There are many opportunities to join with others, share ideas for human rights actions and get involved. Chapters and Groups often have one or more “adopted” Individuals at Risk that they advocate for all year. They also work on local, state and national campaigns involving human rights, lobby law-makers, have speakers, use art for advocacy, help refugees, make important connections in their community and host Write for Rights! 

Northern California

Sacramento Group #283 amnestysacramento@gmail.com > webpage > Facebook page > Twitter

East Bay Group #612 aiusa612@aivol.org > webpage > Facebook page

San Francisco #30 info@aigroup30.org > Webpage > Facebook page > Twitter

Palo Alto #19 / #1107

San Jose #35 Facebook page

South Bay Area #1023

Southern California

San Fernando Valley #92 > Webpage > Facebook page

Claremont #305

Pasadena #22 aigp22@caltech.edu > Webpage > Facebook page

Los Angeles #1019 amnestylachapter@gmail.com > Facebook page > Instagram

Irvine/Orange County #178 ai_irvine@aiusaoc.org > Webpage > Facebook

North County San Diego #471 amnestygroup471@gmail.com > Facebook page

San Diego #137 group137@amestysd.org > Webpage > Facebook page

Student Groups

Find out about existing student groups at California high schools and colleges or get information on starting one at your school.

Student Groups at schools

Student Activist Coordinators

Learn about Student Activist Network


Virtual Action Teams

Teams that work remotely to ensure that human rights are not forgotten during this global pandemic. We have one just starting in California.

Virtual Action Teams

More on Groups

Find out more about Amnesty International groups

Find a Group

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